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App that creates a backup of all information stored in your Gmail account
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Backupery for Gmail is a tool that creates a backup of all information stored in your Gmail account. In order for the program to work properly, you will need to give it complete access to your Gmail account. Then, you simply click the Run now button and the app will begin saving everything that you have sent and received through Gmail.

Backupery works like any other backup program. You only need to choose where you want your backed up information to be stored; schedule routine backups every day, week, or month; or run a backup anytime you want. In addition to saving all the information to your hard drive or removable disk, you can also choose to backup all data to the following cloud storage services: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Backupery Cloud.

For those who are reluctant to give their login and password details over the Internet, Backupery doesn’t require you to log into your Google account over the program. All you have to do is give Backupery permission to access your account, which you will be prompted when you run the program for the first time, and let the program do the work. Everything is used over secure HTTPS connection, and you can revoke the program’s privileges to your account at any time.

For this reason, Backupery is an excellent program to use to ensure that your Google emails are always saved. The trial version of Backupery for Gmail can be evaluated during 30 days.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Easy to install and use
  • It's possible to schedule backups
  • Lets you save your data to cloud storage services


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